How to manage a group?

Learn best practices for managing a group on Called.

In the tab at the top left of your screen, you will find the list of communities and groups that you are a part of or own. 

If you are an Administrator in a community, you will have the ability to manage ALL groups in your ministry. If you are a Group Leader, you will have the ability to manage only the groups that you have created.

Note: An admin can transfer group ownership to any user with Group Leader access. To transfer ownership, click on the group's tab. Then, click on the three dots in the top right corner of the screen. Select "Transfer Ownership" from the menu then search for the user. Click on the user name. You will be prompted to make sure you want to transfer ownership. If you're sure, click ok. 

In each group, there is a chat function. This chat is the way the group communicates. The group chat will appear in the main Chat tab.

As the admin of the group, you will have the ability to read and delete messages. As a user of the group, you have the ability to mute notifications from the group if you wish. All members of the group have the muting ability. The messages will still show in the Chat tab, however, they will not be pushed to the home screen on your phone.

As a Group Leader, you also have the ability to invite/delete members. If you invite a member they will receive the welcome message (the one you input during group creation) along with a button to accept or reject. If the member accepts your invitation, they will be immediately added to the group.  

Note: New members will NOT be able to see previous messages in the chat. They will be added to the thread and will see all new messages.